West Kingsdale Master Cave

NGR: SD 698 774

BONES: Reindeer, (see also Notes, below)

POSITION IN CAVE: River Junction.

IDENTIFICATION: ?E.K. Tratman, R.J.G. Savage (Bristol).

LOCATION OF FINDS: Unknown. Not in the UBSS museum collection.

NOTES: A fragment of a left scapula from a horse or large bovid was recovered from sediments at River Runction by P Murphy on the 17th December 2001. Radiocarbon dating showed the bone was less than 200 years old (Murphy, et al. 2002). A horse skull was recovered from River Junction in November 2002 (Murphy, 2003). A photograph taken by D. Brook of some of the bones recovered in 1967 shows: metatarsal of Bos primigenius or bison; damaged femur from large Bovid (?same as above); tibia of unknown affinity; ?sheep bone. This assemblage suggests a late Neolithic/early Bronze age date.


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