Green Rigg Pot, Wild Boar Fell

NGR: SD 736 989

BONES: Roe Deer.

POSITION IN CAVE: Base of entrance pitch.

IDENTIFICATION: D. Yalden, Department of Biology, University of Manchester.


NOTES: No mention of bones is made in the account of the original exploration by Smith (1967) but Brooks, et al. (1994) refer to "a cone of animal skeletons" at the base of the entrance shaft. The Roe deer bones were taken from two intact skeletons except the hind legs of one animal had been washed away by the cave stream. Six different types of skull were noted in the cone at the base of the entrance shaft, possibly including horse (P. Monico, pers. comm 1993). The cave is blocked at present and reopening it would require a major effort.


Brook, D., Griffiths, J., Long, M.H. & Ryder, P.F. (1994) Northern Caves volume 3 The Three Counties and the North-West. Clapham. Dalesman.

Smith, B. (1967) Green Rigg Pot. Journal of the Northern Pennine Club 3 1: 16.

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