Fat Finger Pot, Penyghent

NGR: SD 827 727

BONES: 1) Pig, Red deer, Roe deer, sheep, Ox. domestic cattle, horse. 2) Juvenile wild boar.

POSITION IN CAVE: In a rift, 7 m down the entrance pitch.

IDENTIFICATION: 1) Leceistershire Museums Service. 2) T.Lord.


NOTES: Bones show no signs of predator activity, probably in a pitfall trap. Red deer has not been recorded on Penyghent since the 15th century. The wild boar may be 3-4,000 years old (T. Lord, pers comm.).


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Haigh, D. & Cordingley, J. (2017) Adventures Underground. Wild Places, Abergavenny. p34.

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