Fairy Hole (Cove Hole, Tom Lee's Hole), Grassington

NGR: SD 9986 6498

BONES: Pig, Human. The identification of Bear given in Taylor et al. (2011) is erroneous. The reference to bear bones and a carbon date of circa 500 AD is believed to be confusion with information from an excavation at Kinsey Cave undertaken in 2005 (see Kinsey Cave).


IDENTIFICATION: T. Taylor, University of Bradford.


NOTES: A number of large bones were found at Cove Hole in debris from a previous excavation of unknown date, mainly domestic species (J Thorp, pers. comm.) Human remains from this site consist of 2 teeth associated with a drilled periwinkle shell. The reference from Taylor (2010) does not name the cave site described but details of the finds and stratigraphy confirm it is Cove Hole.


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